Our Process


Christian education is the process by which those who have experienced a personal spiritual rebirth in their relationship with God, partner with the indwelling Holy Spirit to grow in the image of Christ Jesus.  Spiritual formation takes place as individuals study the Word of God and apply what they learn to daily living.  Our Christian Education Ministry promotes and presents the following courses and/or programs that foster parishioner spiritual development and maturity:

I.                    New Members Orientation – The New Members Orientation class is a basic introduction to our church family and is designed for both the new Christians and/or new church members.  The class consists of four one hour sessions on Sunday mornings at 9:45am.  These sessions will give an overview of our beliefs, vision, goals, and direction of the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.  As you learn about PHBC, it is also a great opportunity to get to know other new members, your new church family and enjoy great fellowship.  

II.                  Now What?: A Guidebook for New Christians by Ralph W. Harris, engages in small group discussions that help new believers understand what happens after they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

III.                P.L.A.C.E. Workshops – Assessment which identifies and individual’s personality, Spiritual Gifts, abilities, passions, experiences, and how we have been blessed with them in order to glorify God.

IV.                Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study – A 32-to-34 week disciplined small group Bible study that challenges individuals with in-depth study of Scripture, designed to develop biblically nourished persons committed to discipleship, as the foundation of all congregational ministry.  This study also promises that all who come to Scripture allowing it to have its say will, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, experience a power that changes priorities and redirects lives.

V.                  Teacher Training – Teachers are given a broad understanding of Christian teaching methods and classroom management.  We consider teaching methods of various learning groups: children, youth, adults, and seniors.  Sound teaching philosophy based on the Word of God along with understanding the “teaching-learning” process, equips our teachers to effectively reach God’s people through diverse learning experiences fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

VI.                Leadership Institute – While the Church or ministry needs leaders responsible for the big picture, it also needs leaders in all areas of ministry.  Leadership Institute trains and develops our local leadership by considering: the calling of God to be a leader, the capacities in which people lead their respective ministries, the challenges faced in ministry, the culture of the church or ministry, and the ability to critique leadership’s effectiveness within the ministry here at Pleasant Hill.