Counseling Services Outline
I. When concerned with situations that involve the Spirit (Soul):
Disciple Training: Individual/Small Group Focus/4 Sessions Psalms 59:16
A. Grief and the Effects that Lingers Psalm 34:18
    1. Letting go with Dignity and Grace Psalm 31:22
    2. Period of Bereavement
    3. Life after Bereavement: Discipleship Classes and Training Provided
       God’s Process of Healing and Comfort Psalm 32:5
       • Teach the 5 Stages of Grief (Will Evaluate)
       • Evaluate Progression and get Client to Recognize their progress
       • Give a class to educate those who are not healing (Proper Recovery)
       • Teach others to be able to help others during a time of grief
       • Demonstrate and show how Christ dealt with Grief (ex: Lazarus Scripture)
II. When concerned with the situation that involve the Mind:
Training Provided Psalm 31:9
B. Discovering Hope and Understanding Mental Health
    1. Why Am I Thinking Like This?
    2. Depression: Biblical Training and Education (All Ages) Psalm 32:3-4
       • Men, Women, and Child Encounters
       • Explain the effects of depression
       • Give guidance to help change present lifestyle to educate Clients
       • Teach Client how God wants His disciples to lean on Him
    3. Anti-Depressants: Mental Effects: Resources Available Psalm 55:22
        • So Many Choices (Good or Not Good)
        • Educate Client (Understanding Scripture for Dependency)
    4. Self-Esteem Psalm 42:5
        • Adult
        • Teenagers
        • Youth
    5. Disorders and the DSM-Analysis (Educate and Facilitate Christ-Centered   
        Lifestyle Methods and Procedures Psalm 34:4
        • Provide Disciple-Training for all Stressors (Based on Cultural 
           Background-According by Age Group)
        • Panic Attacks Psalm 31:23
        • Anxiety
        • Obsessive-Compulsive Psalm 38:6, 8
        • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity
        • Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) Psalm 32:2
        • Eating Psalm 127:2
        • Sleep Complications Psalm 62:5 o Apnea (Insomnia)
          o Rest and Relaxation
          o Breathing Technique
       • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
   6. Autism Psalm 51:1
       Educate Parents/Guardians (Resources Provided for Additional Support)
   7. Self-Discipline and Spiritual Management: Provide Disciple-Training for all
       Stressors (based on Cultural Background-According to Age Group)
       Psalm 131:2
       (Resources Provided for Additional Support)
      • Teach Maturity in Faith
      • Anger Psalm 95:11
      • Stress
      • Suicidal Ideation (Preventive Classes Provided – Group/Individual)
         Psalms 86:5
      • Abuse and Cruelty (Mild and Chronic) Psalms 86:15
         o Spousal
         o Child
         o Drug 
         o Verbal 
         o Intimacy
Bible Disciplines/Training (Encouragements) Psalms 89:14

III. When concerned with situations that involve the Body Psalms 66:20
(Resources Provided for Additional Support) (Referrals Provided for Additional Support or Upon Request)
C. Physical Health
    1. Managing Pain Psalm 23
       o Chronic
       o After Surgery Medications 
       o Prescription Drugs Prolonged
    2. Life after Surgery (Heart; etc.) Psalm 51:1-13
    3. Diabetes and Foot Care (Healthy Feet)
    4. Managing Gout
IV. Healthy Living (Provide a Dietitian and Training) Psalm 127:2
D. Weight Control
     1. Fat at a Glance Psalm 91:16
         • Balancing Food • Low-Sodium Eating
         • Phytochemical(s)
         • Red Meat/Processed Meat
     2. It is Time: Quitting Smoking Psalm 119:37
         • Second-Hand Smoke
         • Effects of Smoking and Your Body
         • When Smoking Rules 3. Exercise and its Benefits
         • Methods and Procedures
V. Family Outreach and Education Psalm 37:7
E. Marriage: So You’re In Love? Psalm 13:5
    1. Fresh Start (Spiritually)
    2. Issues and Understanding
    3. When Love Hurts Psalm 33:22
        • Disciple Training (Equally Yoke Program)
        • Disciple Training Mending Relationships/4 weeks/4 Sessions
        • Class – Restoring Relationship with God – 5 weeks/5 Sessions
VI. Family Care and Consultations
(Disciple Training – Pastoral Care) Psalm 94:13
F. Children and Adults - Concerns Psalms 31:7
    1. Children: Being Bullied
    2. Adult Education: Being Teachable
    3. School Matters Psalm 43:2
Developing Good/Proper Study Habits School Secrets
VII. Career Assistance Psalm 147:11
G. Job Placement
    1. Classes - Job Preparation Psalm 127
    2. Military Career: Classes-Staying Focus and Completing the Task
        Psalm 42:5
       • Preparing for the Armed Forces
       • Training - Seeking an MOS that Fits Your Spiritual Lifestyle
       • Basic Training Preparation (Expectations) Psalm 127:2
Spiritual Services Provided:
. Disciple Training – Within each Session
. Prayer
. Follow-ups are provided on a monthly basis (via telephonic or visitation)
. Classes provided: Stress and Anger Management (Monthly or within Session)
. Christian Education and Pastoral Care Provided upon request (Group and
     Individual Sessions Available)
Final Words of Scripture: Psalms 103:9-12
9 He will not always accuse, nor will He harbor His anger forever;
10 He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.
11 For as high as the heavens are above the earth, So great is His love for those who fear Him;
12 as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.
To God Be The Glory!